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Weddings...every weekend.

The last few weeks have been very busy, at weekends, live streaming for some lovely couples.

I've been streaming in Devon, Dorset, Somerset and Hampshire almost every weekend.

It's good to be able to help connect couples with family around the globe.

Dorset wedding live streaming

With restrictions about to be relaxed in the coming weeks, couples are still finding a need to have their wedding live streamed.

Where, because of restrictions in other countries, friends and family cannot travel for their big day live streaming of your wedding service is a very cost effective way to keep everyone connected.

With weddings now costing so much, it makes the fee for live streaming even better value. My service starts from only £399 for a single camera live stream, although the more popular option of two cameras is £499, price includes up to 100 miles travel and we bring our own 4G bonded internet connection, which combines all four networks into a strong service, although if your wedding is in a "not spot" it doesn't work miracles.

Devon wedding live stream

Venues throughout the region have been seeing a massive uplift in bookings, with weddings taking place on weekday's too.

I am happy to discus your requirements for live streaming, as some venues can be tricky to get a good signal. But like any technology relying on so many different systems to bring the whole event to a live platform planning is the key. Even if we use a satellite link, this too can be affected by the weather and is not 100% guaranteed. So we record the live stream locally, at our streaming desk, so if the worst happens the wedding service can be uploaded to your secure password protected page as soon as possible after the service.

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