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The Latest UK Wedding News & Rules / Coronavirus:

Weddings could restart with no or few restrictions in England from 21st June 2021 at the earliest, according to the proposed roadmap out of lockdown. This comes after weddings were banned in the country for weeks except under "exceptional circumstances" during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Wedding ceremonies restarted with 6 people from 29th March and wedding receptions restarted with 15 people from 12th April; this number is due to increase to 30 people from 17th May. All changes are subject to various rules, which we outline below.

Boris Johnson made clear that the easing of lockdown restrictions will be driven by 'data' rather than 'dates', which means this timeline will be subject to regular review - and could be pushed back.

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What Are the Current Rules for Weddings in England

The current guidelines state that as of 29th March, indoor wedding ceremonies and civil partnership ceremonies can take place with up to 6 people (not including anyone working at the wedding). This replaces the previous rule, which was that wedding ceremonies could only take place in "exceptional circumstances".

England's roadmap out of lockdown has four steps:

  • In step one, wedding ceremonies can take place with up to 6 people from 29th March. Receptions are not permitted. However, the government website points out that small gatherings in line with social contact limits are allowed - that is, outdoors in a group of six or two households including support bubbles.

  • In step two, from 12th April ceremonies and reception are due to restart in the country with up to 15 people, subject to restrictions. Ceremonies will be allowed to take place in places of worship, public buildings and venues that are already allowed to open. Hotels will be allowed to host ceremonies but only in rooms licensed for that purpose, and purpose-built wedding venues will also be allowed to hold ceremonies. Visitor attractions may be allowed to hold ceremonies in licensed spaces that are not normally open to the public. Receptions will only be able to take place outdoors in the form of a sit-down meal, in venues that are allowed to open during this time - the UK Weddings Taskforce is asking the government whether that includes wedding venues, and we will update as soon as we have that information. Receptions will not be allowed to take place in public outdoor places, such as parks, or in people's private gardens.

  • In step three, from 17th May wedding ceremonies and receptions could be able to take place with up to 30 people indoors or outdoors, in a Covid-secure venue, or in private gardens.

  • In step four, no earlier than 21st June, the government hopes to lift all legal limits on social contact, meaning weddings as we know them should be able to go ahead once more.

However, it's worth noting that these dates are not set in stone. Before every step of the roadmap, the government will be reviewing the data - and that means the dates could be pushed back.

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