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Live streaming your wedding, the new normal

Couples are turning to live streaming the weddings like never before. It all started in a small way, with only a select few or famous people streaming they're special occasions.

But with the onset of the Covid19 pandemic and weddings throughout 2020, being postponed or worse cancelled, couples have been embracing the ability to share their special day.

Live streaming can be the answer to keeping distant family and friends connected for the wedding service. With quarantine restrictions set to stay for some time and the unknown nature of how the pandemic could impact future events, wedding live streaming is fast becoming part of the wedding's normal requirements.

From churches, hotel or an elopement wedding, wedding live streaming from Our Wedding Stream can help connect everyone.

We pride our serves on supplying a high quality service at a fair price and coming from broadcast tv news we are used to working in a live environment under pressure.

It's not just a distance thing, couple can now have 100's of friends watch their big day for a fraction of the cost.

Checkout our services page for the current prices link below:

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