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Another 5 star review..

In the middle of August we had a wedding live stream at Corsley in Wiltshire. We hadn't ever conducted a live steam from that church, so back in March when we were booked we did a site visit and Speedtest. This was one of those "not spots" with only a slight 4G signal outside the church. Most certainly not enough to live stream a wedding.

At that moment Starlink RV satellite service was available to pre order, although we didn't know when this would be available within the UK.

A few months later, we were one of the few early recipients, we received our satellite system and started trials.

Service was a little flaky at the start, speeds have gotten better. Then the Starlink RV service was available for anyone to order and things started to get a lot faster.

More testing, combining with bonded mobile 4G signal via LiveU as been the best so far.

Come the big day, we arrived extra early to set up the normal cameras and finding the best position for the satellite, it needs a completely clear view of the sky.

We combined the Starlink with the LiveU once again, getting a little 4G on the day.

Once the dish had been setup, it aligns itself for the best possible connections. On the day, after the first 15-20 minutes of it searching and connecting, the final position stayed rock solid for the four hours the dish was on.

This is going to make such a difference to the robustness of our service in poor 4G areas.

We also live stream funerals and had already streamed two, that wouldn't have been possible without the Starlink.

Hopefully the couple we unaware of all the setup and testing on the day, but it paid off. Having just received another 5 star review on our trustpilot page.

Now with September approaching, we have three events already booked. Again two are in very poor 4G connectivity areas in rural Devon and Dorset. So already it will be needed again.

So if you're thinking "we can't live stream our wedding from here" the answer is now most probably YES.

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