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100's of guests can attend your wedding.....

With wedding's allowed to happen this year, it's set to be a busy wedding season.

But the happy couple are still finding that guests and relatives either can't travel or get time off work, especially as week day wedding's are more popular.

Dorset wedding live streaming service provider

This is where wedding live streaming can help, connecting distant family and friends or just allowing more to enjoy your happy day.

Our wedding live streaming services start from just £399 for a simple single camera stream, with the more popular service using 2 cameras £499.

wedding live streaming

The stream is sent over the 4G mobile network, so we can live stream your wedding from almost anywhere, we use broadcast grade bonding technology that combines the mobile networks together, giving a robust connection.

The wedding live stream is hosted on our website on a dedicated page, which is password protected. You just need to share the page details with your guests.

After the live streaming of your wedding, we will send you a link to download and keep an HD copy of the broadcast.

Live streaming wedding service
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